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Novel Spotlight: Second Chance in Laguna

Second Chance in Laguna
by Claire Marti

When life leaves you at the altar, pack your bags and follow your bliss...

Finding Forever in Laguna Series

When Sophie Barnes’s fiancé jilts her at the altar, her carefully planned life implodes. Considering his betrayal to be a rude wake-up call, she leaves everything she knows in San Diego and flees to Laguna Beach. She vows to transform her life by avoiding men for a year and by fulfilling her dream of writing a wildly successful novel.

Sophie’s new landlord, Nicholas Morgan, is a gorgeous, successful architect with a player reputation. Nick’s avoided the intimacy of a long-term relationship--until Sophie’s independence, courage, and beauty touch his guarded heart. Both Sophie and Nick are terrified of being hurt again, but can they resist the pull of true love?



Nick arrived right on time, looking gorgeous in faded jeans and a plain white T-shirt. How did he always manage to start the butterflies fluttering in her stomach? Just by standing there with the setting sun framing him. She was in trouble.

“Hi, beautiful. Ready to go?” He clasped her face in his hands and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

Returning his kiss, Sophie wound her arms around his neck and deepened it. She couldn’t resist. His strong arms wrapped around her waist, hugging her close to his broad chest.

“Mmm, feel free to greet me like that every time I come over.” His lips curved up into a sweet smile.

Heat washed her cheeks, and she returned his smile. “Let’s go. Prepare to be blown away by the movie snack of the century.”

Determined to keep things light and enjoy the movie before “the talk,” Sophie thrust down the lick of panic bubbling in her gut. She’d accomplished next to nothing all afternoon, instead wrestling with whether she needed to tell him about Doug.

The angel on her shoulder whispered to tell him because if they were going to have any kind of relationship, even a friends-with-benefits one, honesty and trust were vital.

The devil urged her to zip it. They’d only known each other a few weeks. What if he lived up to his Player of Laguna reputation and expected only a fun fling? Even though he seemed deeper than that. What if she scared him off with a premature talk?

“Is that a blush? The popcorn à la Sophie is that decadent?” he joked.

“Ha-ha! Just a little warm, that’s all. No blushing here.” Damn fair skin betrays me every time.

After they settled into their reclining seats at the luxury theater, Sophie poured peanut M&Ms into a tub of popcorn large enough to feed a family of four. Nick sampled it, bowing to her genius. They scarfed down most of the tub before the closing credits.

He kept her hand clasped in his, and she lost herself in the dark humor of the film he’d chosen. It seemed normal. Like they were a happy boyfriend and girlfriend without a care in the world.

Afterward, they headed back to her cottage. When Nick parked and walked her to the door, he glanced at her with a raised brow. She appreciated he didn’t just assume he was coming over and getting lucky, although she wished it was so simple.

“Come in. There’s something I need to talk about with you.” Sophie entered the house, working to swallow her jangled nerves. Immediately, Zack appeared at her feet, rubbing against her and purring like a motorboat. His moral support aided her resolve. Oh, she was dreading this.

Without answering, Nick reached for her. Pulling her close, he kissed her and lifted his head with a smile. “That sounds serious. Everything okay?”

She ducked out of his arms and headed to the couch. Perching on the edge of the cushion, she motioned for him to join her. On the far end of the couch. His touch scrambled her brain and stymied her best intentions.


Claire Marti started writing stories as soon as she was old enough to pick up pencil and paper. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a BA in English Literature, Claire was sidetracked by other careers, including practicing law, selling software for legal publishers, and managing a non-profit animal rescue for a Hollywood actress.

Finally, Claire followed her heart and now focuses on two of her true passions: writing romance and teaching yoga. She teaches at studios, online for the international website and also has a Yoga for Cancer Recovery DVD. She's the author of Come Ride with Me Along the Big C, a memoir on how yoga helped her cope with breast cancer.

Her debut novel, Second Chance in Laguna, won best unpublished contemporary romance in the Heart of the Molly and third place in the Maggie. She’s hard at work on the second and third novels in the Finding Forever in Laguna series.

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Hook That Agent!

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Most agents spend less than a few minutes reading a query. First impressions count so you have to get their interest—and fast. That's why a good, concise query is essential.

But how do you make yours stand out from the hundreds the agent will read that week?

Easy. The first line should be your hook.

Think of the tag line from your favorite movie. It's the catchy slogan that will resonate with people and make them curious about the show. Your hook should do the same, ie: make the agent want to keep reading.

A good hook introduces the main character (age, profession/personality description), grounds the genre, and ends with an unexpected twist.

I love to help with queries, but my passion is the hook. Post your 'hook' in my comments if you'd like feedback.

To get the ball rolling, here are two samples from my own writing.


When her best friend panics after arranging a romantic rendezvous online, twenty-six-year old advertising manager, Melissa Legacy begrudgingly agrees to take her friend's place on the blind date to let the guy down easy...until she lays eyes on him.

BETRAYAL (short story)

Disgraced heir, Edward Nichols uses his last clutch of money to travel to his family's English estate for the reading of his late Uncle's will only to find Craigmoore Manor has been turned into the scene of a murder investigation.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Novel Spotlight: Reality Re-Do


Just how real is reality TV? Beth's about to find out!

Following her husband's sudden and tragic death, Beth Franklin finds solace on her couch, watching Dream House, a home improvement show—until she tires of the show's routine and writes in to the network, suggesting a plot twist.

When TV executives ask her to consider appearing on the show, she finds herself not only renovating a house but her own life when she and co-host, hottie Scott Roberts, hit it off.

With broken hearts in common, Beth and Scott take a risk on love, surprising not only themselves but the show's viewers, as well.



Hearing that voice in my ear and realizing Scott could physically be here—with me—brought back all the nerves from our first phone call. “So, you’d be here, um, here in my house?”

“That’s the plan—but only if it’s all right with you.”

Of course I wanted him here. I needed to recover fast and think of something that would explain the reservation in my voice. “It’s just that I’m not decorated.” Lame excuse, but it was true. I had no trimmings displayed to reflect the upcoming holiday.

“Decorated?” Scott sounded confused, and then scoffed, “Oh, for Christmas? Please, the less tacky the better is my motto. I can’t stand all the lights and novelties.”

I found my comfort level with him once again. “Then you’re coming to the right place.”

Nerves were replaced with enthusiasm as I ran around the house, straightening curtains, fluffing cushions, and checking expiration dates on various refrigerator items. An hour after our phone call, my bed resembled a teenager’s, strewn with cast-off clothes from desperate attempts to find the perfect outfit for the next day. I had settled on the best fitting pair of jeans I owned and a black cashmere turtleneck—then changed my mind. This time, for a different, positive reason.

It was time to stop hiding. Turtlenecks and the color black definitely constituted hiding mechanisms. I dug deep into my bottom drawer and resurrected a magenta V-neck. Satisfied with my bold choice, I finally climbed beneath the covers, weary from the effort, yet anxious for the morning. Scott, former television crush turned friend, was coming to my house.

And, hopefully, into my life.

I know it sounded crazy, but I felt like we’d really made a connection. He often told me he couldn’t wait to meet me in person. Believing he truly meant that statement carried me through the night. I closed my eyes and recalled his voice just before we hung up earlier.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Beth.”

About the Author

As the mother of three girls, Ally finds creating drama for her characters an escape from the real drama in her own home. Originally from Boston, she now lives with her husband and family outside Chicago and writes when not driving to practices and games.

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Six Essential Elements Every Love Story Needs

What's your favourite romance novel? Now think of your favourite scene from that novel. Is it the ending when, despite the obstacles, both leads get their happily ever after? Or is it the first kiss...or the first fight?

Regardless, there are more players on stage and circumstances that helped create the tension/opportunity/obstacle that led to your favourite scene.

Here are a few handy tips for making sure your own romance story has the right support system for those unforgettable scenes!

Six Essential Elements Your Romance Novel Needs

1. The Rival

There needs to be a rival for the protagonist’s romantic intentions, but this doesn't necessarily mean a love triangle. This could be someone who takes time away from the romantic interest as well.

In my upcoming contemporary romance, The Right Fit, Antony is desperate to reconnect with Maxine, but his brother Marc is a controller and feels it's his responsibility to shape Antony into a successful pro-hockey player, regardless of what Antony truly desires.

2. Helpers vs Harmers

As you can guess, helpers are characters who assist in enabling the relationship grow while harmers are motivated to keep the couple apart. It should be noted that a helper can sometimes unwittingly become a harmer. It's common in romantic comedies to have a character who is truly invested in the couple's happiness, but ends up becoming bad luck by always doing or saying the wrong thing at the worst time, thereby taking the role of harmer.

In my novel, Maxine has enthusiastic support from her younger sister. However, in the end it's her own self doubt that is the most destructive harmer to her relationship with Antony.

3. External Need

This mechanism acts as a motivation that brings the two characters together.

As an example, Antony is certain his new found luck on the ice is entirely due to his one night with Maxine. Desperate to stay in the professional hockey league to pay his brother's medical bills and support them both, Antony pursues Maxine at all costs, including keeping his true identity a secret. As a result Maxine is overwhelmed by his attention and begins to believe she can love again after having her heart broken by her ex-fiancé.

4. Secrets

One or both leads are keeping something from the other. The motivation for not telling the truth must be greater than the risk to the relationship.

In The Right Fit, Antony is not only keeping his true identity a secret, but also the fact that he considers Maxine his good luck charm and is using her to keep his hockey career on course. Meanwhile, Maxine considers Antony a rebound, as a way of getting her confidence back and helping her forget about her ex.

However, it's important to acknowledge that characters often lie to themselves to justify their actions/decisions.

5. Rituals

These are the cute little idiosyncrasies a couple naturally develops with each other, those shared intimacies that only they know about.

It's most effective to use when the couple is apart and something triggers the memory for one of the leads. This can motivate a change of heart at the realization that they truly need that person in their life. *cue the rush to the airport to stop their true love from leaving forever*

As a result of mistaken identity, Maxine assumes Antony's name is Ace. This leads to a nickname which creates a moment like the one described above as the name 'Ace' pops up when Maxine least expects it.   
Maxine rolled her eyes and instead told her to pick out a nail color for them both. It was a bright ruby shade and when Maxine looked at the name on the bottom of the bottle, her heart filled and then slowly deflatedAce of Hearts.

6. Moral Weight

In essence, the moral weight is how the lovers changed for the better over the course of the novel. It's always satisfying for the reader if the ending scene is a mirror opposite to the beginning where their flaws were highlighted.

At the beginning of The Right Fit, Maxine was still trying to find a way back into her ex-fiancé's arms convinced he was the only man she could have a life with. And Antony was carrying a secret guilt fueled by the belief he didn't deserve to be loved. By the end of the story, Maxine realizes she's beautiful and desirable enough for any man and Antony's past sins didn't preclude him from happiness.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found this useful! Happy writing! Please enjoy the book trailer for my upcoming release,
THE RIGHT FIT, due April 12.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Novel Spotlight: A Legacy of Love and Murder

by Brenda Whiteside

In Austria to meet her great-grandfather and explore his castle estate filled with priceless art, August Myer arrives to find he’s died suspiciously. As one of the heirs, her life is in danger, turning this fairytale Alpine adventure into a nightmare of unexplained accidents, neo-Nazi threats, and murder.

Inspector Tobias Wolf splits his time between his profession and fighting the spread of neo-Nazism. But when the beautiful, intriguing American crosses his path during a murder investigation, ensuring her safety challenges his priorities…and his heart.

When August learns the handsome inspector’s involvement with a major female Nazi is more than he’s admitted, and the death of her great-grandfather is somehow connected, she takes the investigation into her own hands. The outcome could be the death of both of them.


Tobias shot him a look. "She's lying."

"She's convincing."

"You don't know her."

They'd reached the landing and the Great Hall.

"How well do you know her, Tobias?"

"I know her enough to know she's not to be trusted. Her aspirations--"

"I trust your gut." Albert opened the Great Hall door. "Maybe the nephew can tell us more."

Tobias led the way, glanced into the shadows, then made his way around the table and into the main room. He jerked to a halt. "Who the hell?"

He trotted to a prone figure, face down in the middle of the hall. Albert, huffing, drew up beside him as he squatted to get a closer look. Tobias put fingertips to the man's neck, but the pulse wasn't there. His hand grazed a red silk scarf, detected a faint scent, and confusion washed over him. August. She'd worn a red scarf the first time he'd seen her.

"He's dead?"


Albert glanced around the Great Hall. "I wonder how he went undetected."

"It's actually the perfect spot." He scanned the body for any other details as he spoke. "This room isn't used by the family. The castle is closed to tourists right now. No need for the staff to come in here." His gaze rested on the scarf, and he wondered where was August.

As Tobias stood upright, the cell in his breast pocket chimed.

"Inspector," Dorner's droll voice addressed him, yet the news he imparted was anything but droll. His body went rigid, already focusing on his partner to take over here.

"I'm on my way. And send investigative backup and forensics to Castle Luschin. There's been an apparent homicide. Yeah. Right." He shoved the phone in his pocket. "You'll have to handle this, Al."

"Where're you going?"

"The hospital." The personal interest he had in this case charged every nerve in his body. "Lacy's had another attempt on her life."

About the Author

Convinced she was born to be an artist, Brenda never took her love of writing seriously. And then one day, sometime after college, after marrying a man doing a stint in the army, and after the birth of her son, she found more satisfaction filling a blank page with words than an empty canvas with color.

Brenda and her husband are gypsies at heart having lived in six states and two countries. Currently, they split their time between the prairie in Northern Arizona and the RV life. At home or in the RV, she spends most of her time writing stories of discovery and love entangled with suspense.



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Nail That Query!

Ah, the query. Your five second, foot stuck in the door, give it all you got, audition. Writers have lost sleep and hair follicles trying to get it right. Since subjectivity plays a huge role, each agent will be intrigued or discouraged by certain elements. However, there are definitely things you need to AVOID in your query letter.

1. Never write 'dear agent', or worse, another agent's name. And please, check the spelling.

2. Never mention how many rejections you've already received. Why would you do this? It's like asking someone to the prom by saying they were the only one left who hasn't said no.

3. Never say your book will be the next...Harry Potter or Twilight. That's why kids don't sing Celine Dion or Barbara Streisand songs on American Idol. Your book may be a huge world wide best seller, but that's putting a lot of pressure on the rest of your query. If those next sentences don't blow away the planet, then you're looking at a rejection.

4. Avoid rhetorical questions and cliches. It distracting, and the agent is going to assume your manuscript is the same. Also, it takes up precious word count. Just tell what the story is about.

5. Only add credentials that are pertinent to the story. It's great that your Aunt Mary loved the book, but unless your Aunt Mary is senior editor at a publishing house, leave it out.

A good query should have three things.

CHARACTER—your MC's name profession, and a sense of what they're like. Are they popular? Bossy? Superstitious? A total control freak, but secretly drooling over their new co-worker?

CONFLICT—what your character wants but can't have.

CRISIS—what will happen if your character does/doesn't go for what they want.

The first sentence should be the hook. Think of a tag line from a movie that's similar to your book. Then follow with the 3 C's and end with the cliffhanger. But the number one rule is BE SPECIFIC. After reading your query I should be able to answer the 3 C's.

Let's use
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as an example.

Magic can change everything. Living with his spiteful Aunt and Uncle since his parents were killed in a car accident, eleven-year-old Harry Potter doesn't think being bullied by his cousin is inescapable, until he receives an invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

He leaves his neglected home life for a castle full of of moving staircases and secret passageways. Clueless about magic wands and spells, Harry desperately tries to fit in, and is shocked to find the other students already know his name. He learns his parents died protecting him from the most evil wizard in the world, The Dark Lord. Since that night, The Dark Lord had been rumoured to have died, unable to defeat baby Harry.

Harry's new found stardom and natural skill with a flying broomstick, make him an instant hero at school. But fame comes with a price as Harry uncovers one of the professors is working to bring to Dark Lord back to power, and to finish what he started eleven years ago by finally killing Harry.

There are so many ways to write a great query for this story, this was just my take. Try it yourself.

One of the best things you can do for your query is give it to someone who knows nothing about your book. 
Querytracker is an excellent site and it's free!

Happy writing!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Novel Spotlight: A Kiss To Build A Dream On

A Kiss To Build A Dream On
by Katie Baldwin

A womanizing actor meets a small town librarian—what could possibly go wrong?

Bethany Michaels leads a fairly isolated existence, but she longs to be an outgoing and sexually confident woman. When her celebrity crush comes to town, and literally falls at her feet, her prayers seem to be answered. But can she protect her heart while still experiencing true passion?

Hollywood celebrity Aidan Shannon, drunk and lost in small-town Virginia, finds himself in the home of a beautiful woman, and he finds her more than just a little alluring. Bethany is voluptuous and nurturing, fragile, yet steely. And that is a problem for a man who never wants to be tied to another woman again.

Living in the now is good enough for Aidan and Bethany for the short term.  When the universe steps in and shows them what’s important, will Aidan take a chance on love a second time around when his girl needs him?

Amazon // Wild Rose Press // Barnes&Noble


Well, either she was a crazy fan about to poison him or she was a shapely woman who was about to save him from a diabolical hangover. In for a penny, in for a pound. He eyed the tea one more time before making a decision.

Aidan carefully sipped the tea, unsure what to expect. Before the liquid touched his lips, his stomach clenched. This was going to be dreadful. Not even someone with his acting skill could pretend this tasted good.

“Drink it all, Mr. Shannon, or it won’t help,” the sweetly militant voice cautioned.

“It tastes worse than it smells,” he said, trying not to whimper. But then he realized she had said “Mr. Shannon.” He sighed. “It appears you know who I am.”

“Are you kidding?” The woman before him giggled softly. “The entire town is in ecstasy because you guys are filming your movie here.” She paused as she narrowed her eyes. “Wait a minute. Don’t try to distract me; drink your tea. How about this…? If you drink it, I will make you some eggs.”

He considered arguing but drank the whole thing down like a shot of whiskey.

“Good!” She looked as if she were trying not to laugh when he immediately grabbed the bottle of water and drank a giant slug from it.

“I left a towel and a new toothbrush in the bathroom. Why don’t you take care of yourself, and I’ll meet you in the kitchen.”

“Well, thank you, Ms…?”

The woman smiled. “I’m Bethany Michaels, Mr. Shannon. You are in my home. I found you singing away last night on a bench by the library where I work. I didn’t recognize you right away, I’m sorry to say, but once I did, I tried to get a cab to escort you back to your hotel, but you refused to go. You see…” She paused, as a sweet blush bloomed on her face. “You apparently thought that you and I were going to…to…well, you know. After convincing you that I did not want to “ride the Aidan train,” as you so delicately put it, you somehow convinced me to take you to my place—I’m still not sure how you did that—and you ended up asleep in my guest bed.”

Aidan grimaced. “Ms. Michaels, I—”

“Call me Bethany,” she said, patting him soothingly on the shoulder.

“Bethany, thank you for taking care of me. It means more than you can possibly know.”

“You’re welcome. I admit I’m a fan and am happy to help. I’ll give you some privacy now.”

“Bethany, you’re to call me Aidan then, right? I’m terribly sorry about the ‘train’ remark. Whiskey makes me incorrigible,” Aidan said, smiling.
“Let’s pretend it never happened, shall we? I’ll leave you alone so you can shower.”

“No need to leave, I mean…”—he glanced beneath the sheets at his unclothed body—“you’ve seen me naked so…”

“No! Mr. Sh—I mean Aidan, I most certainly have not! You disrobed yourself after I had already closed the door.” Then she paused, her face reheating. “I mean, well if you don’t count seeing you naked in Robot Warrior. But of course, you don’t mean that. I should go.”

“Bethany, a movie or last night, you’ve already seen me. No need to leave.”

“Are you still drunk? Because you still seem pretty incorrigible to me.”

About the Author

Katie Baldwin has a secret life. During the day she is a mild-mannered administrative assistant at a prestigious University. By night she writes fantastical tales of romance and mystery. When she is not pacing her home working out dialogue in her mind, she is baking scones and working out dialogue in her mind. Aside from writing, she has a ferocious passion for the Green Bay Packers, Nutella and her MinPin/Chihuahua mix dog-baby, Marley. She can be found on twitter waxing eloquently about all of her passions.

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Hope for Writers

I have those moments when I finish an amazing book and think, "Oh my God, I will never write this well." And a dark cloud of funk hangs over me, raining doubt.

Does that sound familiar?

It's natural that we slip into those melancholy batches, but generally as a whole, I think writers are an inherently hopeful people.

Here's why:

1. When you start a book, you're hopeful that you will finish.

2. When you finish the book, you're hopeful that it will be published.

3. When you publish the book, you're hopeful that people will buy it.

4. When people buy your book, you're hopeful they will read it.

5. When people read your book, you're hopeful they will understand it.

6. And when they understand your book, you're hopeful they will love it.

And unbeknownst to you, that person is probably saying, "Oh my God, I will never write this well."

So stop doubting yourself and let your hopeful nature shine.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Novel Spotlight: Dark Moon Wolf

Dark Moon Wolf
by Sarah E. Stevens

Book one of Calling the Moon.

Julie Hall thinks the hardest part of single motherhood is sleep deprivation and the constant search for dropped pacifiers, until her four-month old baby transforms into a wolf pup.

How could Carson be a Werewolf? He hadn’t been bitten. Not by a Werewolf, not by a dog, heck, not by a mosquito. Julie sets out to find Carson’s father and demand some answers. Instead, she discovers a Werewolf pack haunted by a grisly string of murders–and soon realizes she and her baby are the next targets.


Heart in my mouth, I rushed into his room only to stop dead in my tracks when I saw something furry wiggling in the faint light slanting through the window. What the hell?

I crept toward Carson’s crib, mind frozen and adrenaline flooding through my body to deal with this unknown threat. Was a rat attacking my baby? Did feral a cat find a way into the house? A weapon—I needed a weapon, but my wild glance around the room revealed only baby paraphernalia. Every muscle in my body tense, I held my breath and stepped quietly, so I didn’t frighten the strange animal into violence. Small whining noises, snuffles, and the scratch of scrabbling claws came from the crib.

I peered down over the crib rail and, at that moment, the clouds moved so moonlight clearly illuminated the creature in my son’s crib. A wolf, unmistakably a wolf pup, with grayish-silver fur standing fuzzily askew, black nose questing in the air, tawny eyes framed by perfect black eyeliner. When the pup saw me, he gave a happy little wriggle and whined more loudly.

The wolf pup’s gaze met mine and, in an instantaneous rush, I knew him and I understood somehow this was Carson. This wolf was Carson. Here was my Carson, here was a wolf pup, here was my baby, and he started to whine more desperately and paw at the crib slats. Everything else shut off—the questioning, the panic—in the face of my baby’s need.

So I picked him up. He snuggled against me happily, nuzzling me with his wet nose, breathing in my scent, licking absently at the sleeve of my nightgown. My mind froze in panic, but my body functioned on autopilot. I walked around the room, bouncing him gently, singing a bit of a lullaby, just as usual. And, just as usual, his eyes grew heavier and his body soon felt lax with sleep. When he was well and truly out, I carefully laid him back in his crib and tiptoed from the room.

As I closed the door behind me, careful not to make the slightest noise, the pent-up adrenaline left my body and I started to shake, my muscles weak and watery, my head whirling. I slid down the wall, hugged my knees to my chest, and focused on not hyperventilating. I pressed my forehead to my hands, feeling my palms break out in a cold sweat. After a while, I stood up gingerly, opened the door to Carson’s room, and looked in.

No, I wasn’t insane. A wolf lay in Carson’s crib. Carson was a wolf. Carson was a… I glanced up at the moon, framed perfectly in the window, and silently closed the door again.

I walked down the hall to the bathroom, poured myself a glass of water, and stared at my reflection in the mirror. Yes, still me. I picked up my glasses from the bathroom counter and the room snapped into clearer focus. My eyes stared back at me from within the green frames, looking about as shocked as I felt.

Author the Author

Hi folks! I’m hard at work on editing book two, Waxing Moon, and writing book three, Rising Wolf. There are several books waiting in line behind these three!

I live and work in Evansville, IN with my husband Gary, our three kids, three cats, some fish and some hermit crabs. In addition to being a writer and a voracious reader of all things fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal, I’m a board game geek, an artist, and a dabbler in making chain maille jewelry. My whole family is unabashedly geeky: Gary designs board games, we have family D&D night on Thursdays, and we just spent 24 hours gaming for Extra Life.

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