Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Novel Spotlight: A Legacy of Love and Murder

by Brenda Whiteside

In Austria to meet her great-grandfather and explore his castle estate filled with priceless art, August Myer arrives to find he’s died suspiciously. As one of the heirs, her life is in danger, turning this fairytale Alpine adventure into a nightmare of unexplained accidents, neo-Nazi threats, and murder.

Inspector Tobias Wolf splits his time between his profession and fighting the spread of neo-Nazism. But when the beautiful, intriguing American crosses his path during a murder investigation, ensuring her safety challenges his priorities…and his heart.

When August learns the handsome inspector’s involvement with a major female Nazi is more than he’s admitted, and the death of her great-grandfather is somehow connected, she takes the investigation into her own hands. The outcome could be the death of both of them.


Tobias shot him a look. "She's lying."

"She's convincing."

"You don't know her."

They'd reached the landing and the Great Hall.

"How well do you know her, Tobias?"

"I know her enough to know she's not to be trusted. Her aspirations--"

"I trust your gut." Albert opened the Great Hall door. "Maybe the nephew can tell us more."

Tobias led the way, glanced into the shadows, then made his way around the table and into the main room. He jerked to a halt. "Who the hell?"

He trotted to a prone figure, face down in the middle of the hall. Albert, huffing, drew up beside him as he squatted to get a closer look. Tobias put fingertips to the man's neck, but the pulse wasn't there. His hand grazed a red silk scarf, detected a faint scent, and confusion washed over him. August. She'd worn a red scarf the first time he'd seen her.

"He's dead?"


Albert glanced around the Great Hall. "I wonder how he went undetected."

"It's actually the perfect spot." He scanned the body for any other details as he spoke. "This room isn't used by the family. The castle is closed to tourists right now. No need for the staff to come in here." His gaze rested on the scarf, and he wondered where was August.

As Tobias stood upright, the cell in his breast pocket chimed.

"Inspector," Dorner's droll voice addressed him, yet the news he imparted was anything but droll. His body went rigid, already focusing on his partner to take over here.

"I'm on my way. And send investigative backup and forensics to Castle Luschin. There's been an apparent homicide. Yeah. Right." He shoved the phone in his pocket. "You'll have to handle this, Al."

"Where're you going?"

"The hospital." The personal interest he had in this case charged every nerve in his body. "Lacy's had another attempt on her life."

About the Author

Convinced she was born to be an artist, Brenda never took her love of writing seriously. And then one day, sometime after college, after marrying a man doing a stint in the army, and after the birth of her son, she found more satisfaction filling a blank page with words than an empty canvas with color.

Brenda and her husband are gypsies at heart having lived in six states and two countries. Currently, they split their time between the prairie in Northern Arizona and the RV life. At home or in the RV, she spends most of her time writing stories of discovery and love entangled with suspense.



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