Saturday, 25 March 2017

Hook That Agent!

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Most agents spend less than a few minutes reading a query. First impressions count so you have to get their interest—and fast. That's why a good, concise query is essential.

But how do you make yours stand out from the hundreds the agent will read that week?

Easy. The first line should be your hook.

Think of the tag line from your favorite movie. It's the catchy slogan that will resonate with people and make them curious about the show. Your hook should do the same, ie: make the agent want to keep reading.

A good hook introduces the main character (age, profession/personality description), grounds the genre, and ends with an unexpected twist.

I love to help with queries, but my passion is the hook. Post your 'hook' in my comments if you'd like feedback.

To get the ball rolling, here are two samples from my own writing.


When her best friend panics after arranging a romantic rendezvous online, twenty-six-year old advertising manager, Melissa Legacy begrudgingly agrees to take her friend's place on the blind date to let the guy down easy...until she lays eyes on him.

BETRAYAL (short story)

Disgraced heir, Edward Nichols uses his last clutch of money to travel to his family's English estate for the reading of his late Uncle's will only to find Craigmoore Manor has been turned into the scene of a murder investigation.

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