Saturday, 21 January 2017

20 Things To Be Happy About

Because, once in a while, when the world seems a bit bleak, we all need a reminder of the awesome things in life...

1. Ice cream cakes

2. Sparkly shoes

3. Heated swimming pools

4. French braids

5. Laughing until you cry

6. Making your friends laugh 

7. Homemade bread

8. Singing in the shower

9. Sisters

10. Vintage clothing/jewelry stores

11. Knowing Alex Pettyfer actually exists and is ALIVE somewhere in the world

12. Decorative tea towels

13. Jumping into leaves

14. Snowstorms that shut down the city

15. Kissing!!!

16. When your favourite jeans always fit.

17. Roller coasters

18. Reading a book on a rainy afternoon

19. Eating birthday cake for breakfast

20. Skating outdoors

BONUS!!!! Dancing in the kitchen

What are some of your favourite things?

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